Longman Advanced American Dictionary (with audio) App Reviews

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Must have!

At CCSF most of our ESL teachers strongly reccommend Longman Advanced American Dictionary&CD-ROM. ( a huge and heavy doctionary Now you can carry all of it in your palm with iPhone or iPod touch. Thank you very much Longman, you make it easy for us. Phaichit & Vachira

Longman, best dictionaries!!!

An excellent help for ESL student, very easy to use and understand. It is definitely worth its price!

Good Dictionary

I have the Longman Advanced American Dictionary and CD ROM as well, and I dont like carrying it around, too heavy. Now, I can carry the dictionary in my iPhone, v 1.4.1 I would like to see some updates implemented for the iPhone: 1) flip through from word to word. Now, you have to go back and then select the next word in the dictionary. Samething for the favorites list. 2) Implement multiple favorite lists, not only one 3) Be able to see horizontal on the iPhone 4) I would like to be able to record myself pronouncing a word and replay it. (This option is available in the CD but not in the iPhone) This is a really good dictionary, which includes the pronunciation in IPA and you can listen how to pronounce the words.

Unclear menu icons

I expected this dictionary application because it was by Longman. But when I downloaded it and started using, my expectation was suddenly changed to disappointment. Its menu icons such as "Dictionary" "Favorites" "Search" especially "History"!! are very unclear. In fact, you can find it now in the above screenshots. It really disappointed me. If you want to use standard designed application, I recommend you to choose another dictionary.

Best ever

Its the best dictionary.... easy to use always there is something new


The dictionary is perfect, but some words that arent included pronunciation. When I pressed audio of some words, it didnt work at all. Please fix it.

The best but separated

I really love all the Longman dictionaries that I use (Advanced American, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Activator). I think they are the best on the market. The only problem is that I always have to switch between them. It would be much more handily to have one Longman dictionary application and pluggable dictionaries designed as in-app purchases (like in Lingvo). It would undoubtedly be 5 stars.


The best dictionary I have used.

Awesome Dictionary

I have been a big fan of the Hardcopy dictionary for a long time and was excited to find the app! I also love the audio. I am a teacher and it works well when students need to hear the word from someone else besides me, and when I have trouble pronouncing words I can get help from this app to. Now my question is, when do you plan on having an app for the IMac or the Macbook Pro?

Very good for my iPhone4 and iPad mini !

Very good for my iPhone4 and iPad mini ! And the best dictionary which has fully populated examples and been noted in detailed meaning gracefully.

Good Dictionary

This is the best dictionary I use from school its easy and helpful Im studying English from adult school


I lost my app ( Advance ) when I updated 5.2.1 !

Most Reliable Dictionary

As an English language learner and an MA student in Teaching English as a Second and foreign language, I really do believe that this dictionary (Longman Advanced American Dictionary) is the most reliable, easiest to use, and most comprehensive dictionary I have ever used. I do recommend all English language learners (intermediate to adavanced) to own this dictionary.


I recently upgraded my dictionary, previous one worked excellent, but after upgrading my LAAD app stopped responding.


The activator doesnt work!


What the hell is this app?? I opened it and it just stuck there! Dont waste money on it or youll be hate yourself!

Please fix it ASAP

I love this App, but Its not longer working after you upgrade your devices to IOS 7.1. If you cant finish your printing at first 5 second the App will die. The the only thing you can do is close App. Please fix it ASAP

Pretty good and worth a money.

Very impressive dictionary. Easy to reference, quite accurate explanations with an audio function. Only one down side of it, though, is few nouns have only form charts and does not show meaning of the word.

Longman the best

I have at least 5 dictionaries from Longman and all of them are well organized, easy to use, sync with the cloud, The sounds let you practice and have a better idea of the pronunciation, better than having the hardcopy only. Try phrasal verbs and the activator thesaurus those are great too.

very very good!

Very easy to use, and every words have perfect America English pronunciation.